The Duke & The King afterthoughts

I had thought about suggesting a band night out to go and see The Duke & The King when I heard they were coming back to Leeds. Instead, I got the chance to ask the rest of the band if they were available to support at the gig!

And what a good night it turned out to be. The Wardrobe was packed out for The Duke & The King, and there was a reasonably large crowd there early enough to see us. Thanks a million to those of you who were there to see us, and who gave us such a warm reception. If you left the gig with our Vast Atlantic EP, I hope you enjoy it. The Duke & The King were, as expected, marvellous. They do really have something unique going on there.

We came out of hibernation for this gig, as we are currently hard at work recording our album. Our present goal is to complete recording by the end of 2010. We won’t have any more gigs until February 2010 as we draw towards the end of the recording process.   You will, however, be hearing from us again before the end of 2010, because we have something else lined up for you…

Anyway, thanks the Duke & The King for making us feel welcome, and thanks finally to Tre and Brett of Hee Haw Sessions for inviting us to the gig last week. This is what we played:
London Road
Don’t Be Scared 48
Cry For The City
Constitution Failed
Postcode Lottery
The Waltz
Caught Between Seasons

Gig date: 28th October 2010
Venue: The Wardrobe, Leeds

Addition – 2nd November
We are very sorry to have learnt today that The Duke & The King have had to cancel the rest of their European tour due to illness and bereavement. We wish them all the best.


About Wilful Missing

5-piece band from Bradford, all tunes available to hear and download via our web thing.
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