Loose Ends EP

Today we are releasing Loose Ends EP. This is not a set of new recordings, but collects 4 old songs dating from 2005 to 2007.

The original versions of these songs were included on the 8-song eponymous Wilful Missing CD that was available at our gigs in 2007 and 2008, but which is no longer available. Of the 8 songs on Wilful Missing, ‘DIY’ was re-recorded for the 2009 Vast Atlantic EP, and 3 others are being re-recorded for release in 2011. We didn’t want the remaining 4 songs to simply gather dust, which is why we have released this Loose Ends EP.

We have remixed and remastered these songs, and in some instances added new parts to the original recordings. We feel they’re a good representation of where we were at in 2007 and also act as a testament to the valuable contributions of former Wilful Missing members. 

Loose Ends EP

Loose Ends EP

Loose Ends EP is a digital-only released, available only from our Bandcamp site, and we are totally happy for you to pay what you want for it.

Recording is progressing well for our 2011 album, and we appreciate your patience!  You won’t have to wait to long for a proper new release from us, and we are really looking forward to playing these new songs live, hopefully in a town near you!


About Wilful Missing

5-piece band from Bradford, all tunes available to hear and download via our web thing.
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