Escher Flight video

As we mentioned earlier this week, we have just released the Loose Ends EP, including newly remastered (and in some cases remixed or even partially re-recorded) versions of songs dating from 2005 to 2007.  We also now have a video for Escher Flight, the second song on the EP.

Albert put the video together using photos taken between 2006 and 2010.  The video reflects the band members who are on the recording, rather than our currently line-up.  This is why Ruth, who has been a rock on drums since 2008, is absent from the video.  The six band members featured in this video have actually never all played in Wilful Missing at the same time!  In this video we have current members Sam Kipling, Sam Lawrence, Albert Freeman and Rhys Kelly, and former members Jonny Newell and Sarah Smout.

Some of the photos were taken by us.  However, most of the photos were taken by Marie Dodds, Dave Preston and Graham Smout, to whom we offer our thanks.

The above video is from the new Wilful Missing channel on Vimeo. The same video is also on Youtube.


About Wilful Missing

5-piece band from Bradford, all tunes available to hear and download via our web thing.
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