The Grand (Clitheroe) afterthoughts

The Grand in Clitheroe really is an amazing place.  It used to be a cinema, and it’s been redeveloped as an arts venue and recording studio.  Last week we played there, supporting The Urban Folk Quartet.  We had a look around the recording studio in the basement after we played.  What an amazing set-up they have.  It really is impressive.

The sound on stage was great too.  It really does make a difference to have such a good PA with such good monitoring, and such expert people running the sound desk.

Wilful Missing at The Grand

photo by Graham Smout

It was lovely to see some familiar faces in the audience, and to make some new friends too.  Thanks very much to everybody who bought our Vast Atlantic CD that night, and who had such kind words to say to us.

We were well impressed by Paloma of The Urban Folk Quartet assiduously practising before their gig.  She must have spent a good hour in the dressing room playing her fiddle before they went on.  And it shows.  That’s how you get really good.  And they were really good.

This is what we played in our support set:
Cry For The City
Driving In The Dark
Alone With America
Don’t Be Scared 48
Postcode Lottery
The Waltz
Caught Between Seasons

Date of gig: 9th March 2011


About Wilful Missing

5-piece band from Bradford, all tunes available to hear and download via our web thing.
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