What’s your favourite song?

After Why are we here? the next hardest question to answer is probably What is your favourite song?

Fortunately we have yet to be asked the former, but have been asked the latter.  In the spirit of a Westminster MP, we’re going to respond by answering a subtly different question, namely What’s floating your boat at the moment? 

Thus, we can qualify our answers by saying that if we were to answer the same question again next week, we may well give completely different answers, but this is what each of us is into at the moment…

Sam Kipling has chosen The Tallest Man On Earth, whose album The Wild Hunt came out on Dead Oceans Records in 2010.  Here’s a song from it, ‘The King of Spain’.

Next up is Ruth, who has gone for long-time favourite ‘Buzzin Fly‘ from Tim Buckley‘s 1969 album Happy Sad, on Elektra.

Rhys’s flavour of the month is ‘Storm Comin’‘ by The Wailin’ Jennys.  The song features on the album Bright Morning Stars on Red House Records.

Sam Lawrence is up next, and has gone for for ‘The Frond Seller’, taken from Rancho Tetrahedron, the new album by Cathal Coughlan & The Grand Necropolitan Quartet on Kitchenware Records.  Below is a snippet, not the full song.

Finally, Albert’s choice is ‘Rain‘, the b-side to The Beatles‘ 1966 single, ‘Paperback Writer‘.  Ringo Star considers his drumming on ‘Rain’ his best ever. It’s also surely one of Paul McCartney’s best basslines.

So, there you have it, they are the tunes that are floating our fleet of boats at the moment. Maybe we’ll come back and list some more of our favourites on another occasion.


About Wilful Missing

5-piece band from Bradford, all tunes available to hear and download via our web thing.
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