New Wilful Missing website

As you might have noticed, if you have visited our website in the past couple of weeks, it has had a makeover.  As a result, we will be retiring this blog, and all our future news and blog posts will be on our revamped website.  If fact, all the previous blog posts from here have also been copied over.

New website homepage

The URL of our website remains but it has been redesigned.  A big thanks goes to Ben McKenna of local digital media company Totaal for doing the structural design-work for this. It should be fairly intuitive to use, so we won’t bore you with a walk-through of all its features. As you would expect, you can listen, buy, watch, read and connect with us via the new site.

The most exciting thing for us is the last of those. We want to see your content on our website, as well as our own. If you Tweet about us, your Tweet will appear on the What people say page. If you have any photos of us on Flickr, you can add these to our Flickr Group and your photos will then appear in the slideshow on the Your photos page of the site.  We have also included a selection of live videos on our site too, so if you ever put a live Wilful Missing video on Youtube, you might then find that this ends up on our new website too.

We hope to continue to add new features to the website.  If you have any ideas of what we could do, or if you have any questions or comments on our new website, again, please do get in touch.


About Wilful Missing

5-piece band from Bradford, all tunes available to hear and download via our web thing.
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