About Us

We are a 5-piece band from Bradford in the UK. The first of our music to get an official release was Vast Atlantic EP in 2009. A full Wilful Missing album is planned for 2011. We have supported The Duke & The King, Jeffrey Lewis, The Wave Pictures and Neil McSweeney. We have been played by Steve Lamacq on both Radio 2 and 6Music, and we have performed two live acoustic sessions for BBC Radio Leeds.

This blog only covers our activities from October 2010 onwards.  Prior to that we were using our Myspace blog.

This is our line-up:

Sam Kipling

SAM KIPLING: Vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, keys

Sam Lawrence

SAM LAWRENCE: Guitars, mandolin, bouzouki, keys, vocals, bagpipes

Ruth Viqueira

RUTH VIQUEIRA: Drums, percussion and cajon

Rhys Kelly

RHYS KELLY: Keys and clarinet

Albert Freeman

ALBERT FREEMAN: Bass, vocals, guitar, megaphone, flute