Waterloo Road again

We have exciting news.  Our music will be appearing again in the BBC’s Waterloo Road this week.  On Wednesday 21st September at 7:30pm on BBC1, we will have 2 songs featured in episode 12 of series 7.  It’s like de ja vu all over again…

Back in May it was ‘DIY’, from our Vast Atlantic EP, that was used to end episode 2 of series 7. The positive response to the show surprised us all. The web seemed to come alive with questions, comments and blogs from people trying to establish who the music was by. We made a fair few new friends then, and we’re hoping to make a few more this time round too.

constitution failed artworkWednesday’s episode of Waterloo Road will feature both ‘Cry for the City’ and ‘Constitution Failed’; songs you may have heard us play at live shows but which haven’t previously been released.  However, you can now download ‘Constitution Failed’ from our website.

In preparation for the song appearing in Waterloo Road, Media Moose have made a video for ‘Constitution Failed’. We’re sure you’ll agree that with little time and an even littler budget, they have done an amazing job.

The above video is on Vimeo, but ‘Constitution Failed’ is on Youtube too if you would prefer to watch, and/or share, it there.

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Limetree Festival afterthoughts

And the rain it hammered down…yet, seemingly miraculously, the rain ceased for a 2-hour window that bracketed our set

Thanks to those of you who turned out to watch us at the Limetree Festival last weekend, particularly those of you who danced such an elegant waltz.  It was our first gig for a while, as we’ve been putting the finishing touches to our album. It was great to be back out playing live again though.

Albert, Sam Kipling and Sam Lawrence at the Limetree Festival. Photo by Graham Smout

If you were at Limetree for the whole weekend you could have played a game of Spot the Lawrence, as our Sam was a busy man.  As well as playing with us, he could also be seen accompanying Gary Stewart, Rosie Doonan and Hayley Gaftarnick.  If you saw him with Rosie, you will know doubt enjoyed his wah accordian, as we did.

Now, we’re going to get back to finishing the album, which we hope to have released by the end of 2011.

This is what we played in our set at the Limetree Festival:

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What’s your favourite song?

After Why are we here? the next hardest question to answer is probably What is your favourite song?

Fortunately we have yet to be asked the former, but have been asked the latter.  In the spirit of a Westminster MP, we’re going to respond by answering a subtly different question, namely What’s floating your boat at the moment? 

Thus, we can qualify our answers by saying that if we were to answer the same question again next week, we may well give completely different answers, but this is what each of us is into at the moment…

Sam Kipling has chosen The Tallest Man On Earth, whose album The Wild Hunt came out on Dead Oceans Records in 2010.  Here’s a song from it, ‘The King of Spain’.

Next up is Ruth, who has gone for long-time favourite ‘Buzzin Fly‘ from Tim Buckley‘s 1969 album Happy Sad, on Elektra.

Rhys’s flavour of the month is ‘Storm Comin’‘ by The Wailin’ Jennys.  The song features on the album Bright Morning Stars on Red House Records. Continue reading

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DIY to feature in Waterloo Road

Back in February we announced that one of our songs was set to feature in series 7 of Waterloo Road.  This series has now started and Episode 2, which includes ‘DIY’, will be broadcast this coming Wednesday, 11th May, at 19:30 (BST) on BBC One.

Wilful Missing – DIY – from Vast Atlantic EP

Series 7 of Waterloo Road stars Amanda Burton, Robson Green and Mark Benton. The episode in question has been referred to as “probably the best episode of Waterloo Road EVER”, by its executive producer.

Andrew Gunn, who directed this week’s episode, discovered Wilful Missing’s music after seeing the band perform at the Rough Beats Festival in North Yorkshire in the summer of 2010.

Vast AtlanticWith the previous series watched by more than five million viewers, we are excited about the prospect of so many people getting a taste of our ‘Vast Atlantic’ EP.  This will be a proud moment for us, and we are very much looking forward to seeing it.  Please do watch it if you can, and let us know what you think.

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Great Northern Wine afterthoughts no.2

Our gig last week at Great Northern Wine was one of our favourites to date.  It was just over a year after our first gig there.  The first one was good, but the second was a whole load better, in more ways than one.  The audience were…well, amazing, and that’s what made the gig extra special for us.  If you were there, thanks a million.  We’ve never been treated to such a good reception.  Great Northern Wine recorded part of our set, and some of these videos are on Youtube.  Here’s the first:

Emma and Mark have a wonderful thing going there at Great Northern Wine, and long may it continue.  A special mention must also go to Ian of Dales Automation for doing a fantastic job of the lighting.  And last but not least, thanks as ever to Graham Smout for doing the sound.

Doing a double set always involves more practice, for obvious reasons.  But our recent practices have been made more productive now that we have regular rehearsal space at Kala Sangam.  We’ve got no more gigs now until June, but we’re looking forward the month’s arrival, as we have four gigs booked.

Here’s what we played at Great Northern Wine last week:

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The Grand (Clitheroe) afterthoughts

The Grand in Clitheroe really is an amazing place.  It used to be a cinema, and it’s been redeveloped as an arts venue and recording studio.  Last week we played there, supporting The Urban Folk Quartet.  We had a look around the recording studio in the basement after we played.  What an amazing set-up they have.  It really is impressive.

The sound on stage was great too.  It really does make a difference to have such a good PA with such good monitoring, and such expert people running the sound desk.

Wilful Missing at The Grand

photo by Graham Smout

It was lovely to see some familiar faces in the audience, and to make some new friends too.  Thanks very much to everybody who bought our Vast Atlantic CD that night, and who had such kind words to say to us.

We were well impressed by Paloma of The Urban Folk Quartet assiduously practising before their gig.  She must have spent a good hour in the dressing room playing her fiddle before they went on.  And it shows.  That’s how you get really good.  And they were really good.

This is what we played in our support set:
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The Old School Tea Room afterthoughts

photo by Ruth Viqueira

A two course meal, and a two course Wilful Missing in Hebden, near Grassington.  It’s a lovely little place, The Old School Tea Room. Albert was actually daft enough to ask what it was before becoming a tea room…

It’s compact and bijou with a really nice atmosphere.  Thanks to all of those who came along for this one.  It was full to capacity.  A special big thanks must go to the Bakers, who came all the way from Gloucestershire.  They had first heard us on Folk Radio UK, looked us up online, and decided to have a holiday in Yorkshire to co-incide with our gig.  Folk Radio is definitely worth a listen.  You’ll hear all sorts on there.

photo by Graham Smout

Thanks to Maggie and co. for putting us on.  We made another new friend at The Old School Tea Room too: Mimsey the cat, a friendly feline with an cute sticky out tongue trick.

We playing a slightly pared down set, with Ruth on cajon rather than full kit.  We started after the main course, with puddings being eaten between our sets.

This is what we played:

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