New Wilful Missing website

As you might have noticed, if you have visited our website in the past couple of weeks, it has had a makeover.  As a result, we will be retiring this blog, and all our future news and blog posts will be on our revamped website.  If fact, all the previous blog posts from here have also been copied over.

New website homepage

The URL of our website remains but it has been redesigned.  A big thanks goes to Ben McKenna of local digital media company Totaal for doing the structural design-work for this. It should be fairly intuitive to use, so we won’t bore you with a walk-through of all its features. As you would expect, you can listen, buy, watch, read and connect with us via the new site.

The most exciting thing for us is the last of those. We want to see your content on our website, as well as our own. If you Tweet about us, your Tweet will appear on the What people say page. If you have any photos of us on Flickr, you can add these to our Flickr Group and your photos will then appear in the slideshow on the Your photos page of the site.  We have also included a selection of live videos on our site too, so if you ever put a live Wilful Missing video on Youtube, you might then find that this ends up on our new website too.

We hope to continue to add new features to the website.  If you have any ideas of what we could do, or if you have any questions or comments on our new website, again, please do get in touch.

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The Greystones afterthoughts

It was a slightly unusual gig, this one in Sheffield, for several reasons.  It was always going to feel special, as it was like an ‘end of chapter’ gig, being our last live performance before the release of our Molehills out of Mountains album.

It was also unusual because due to Ruth having a rather nasty virus, she couldn’t be with us.  So we lacked part of our engine room, but it was interesting feeling our way through these songs without her.  The stripped down, acoustic, version of ‘Powerful Pill‘ worked particularly well, and that’s something we may repeat in the future.

Roger Davies played an engaging solo set after us.  His ability to remember dozens of pubs’ names in ‘The Beerbelly Blues‘ was particularly impressive.

Here’s what we played in our set:

Powerful Pill
Cry For The City
Don’t Be Scared 48
Postcode Lottery
The Waltz
London Road
Constitution Failed
I Am Clay
Caught Between Seasons

Date of gig: Sunday 20th November 2011

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New album pre-orders

A couple of weeks ago we brought news of the imminent release of our album, Molehills out of Mountains.  Now the album feels even closer, as there are several ways you can pre-order it.  If you pre-order the album from us (on any format: CD, LP or download) you will get 2 songs (‘Constitution Failed‘ and ‘Powerful Pill‘) to download straight away:

Molehills out of Mountains vinyl artwork

Molehills out of Mountains - vinyl artwork

Then, when we press the Big Green Button on 5th December, you will be able to download the full album, and if your pre-order is for either the CD or LP version, that will be dispatched on same day.

These pre-orders have been available for a few days now, and we’ve had a really  encouraging response so far.  The vinyl, with it’s unique cover illustration, is limited to only 250 copies.

In Leeds, both Crash Records and Jumbo Records are also taking pre-orders for Molehills out of Moutains. Crash Records are selling both  the CD and the vinyl, and Jumbo Records are also selling both formats.  If you are able to pop into either shop (any day from Wednesday 23rd November onwards) and if you ask nicely, you should be able to have a listen to the album.

Here’s a taster of another couple of songs on Molehills out of Mountains:

Also, don’t forget, our album launch party is in Bradford on Saturday 3rd December.   Keep your ear to the ground for more gig dates in 2012, as we would like to bring the album up and down the country.  So, fear not if you can’t get to any of the Yorkshire gigs we’ve currently got booked.

We’ve enjoyed making this album so much, we literally cannot wait any longer to release it.  It feels great to have got to this point.

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Temple Works afterthoughts

Gigs have been relatively few and far between for us this year, as we’ve been recording and mixing our album Molehills out of Moutains. As that is just about ready now, we hope to get back into playing live more frequently, and covering a greater breadth of the country. So, if you think we should come and play near you, get in touch.

Temple Works gig, Wednesday 9th November 2011, photo by David Preston

Last Wednesday’s gig with The Miserable Rich in Leeds was terrific. The Temple Works is a lovely intimate venue, and there were a fair few people in. Thanks a million for all who were there. I’m sure you’ll agree that The Miserable Rich were quite marvellous.

Thanks to Helen Harrop, who did a few Audioboos from the gig, you can hear the most part of Caught Between Seaons and DIY from our set online,  as well as some of The Miserable Rich too.

And it doesn’t end there, you can also see us playing The Waltz too, thanks to ken1953clark on Youtube:

Here’s our setlist for the gig:

Continue reading

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Molehills Out Of Mountains album launch

Phew, it’s finished, and ready to go! It’s been a long haul, and finally our new album is all set for release.  The album will be called Molehills Out Of Mountains and contains 11 brand new recordings. It will be available on CD, gatefold vinyl and download.  As with our Vast Atlantic EP, our Ruth has done the artwork, and it is going to be a little bit special.

Molehills Out Of Mountains CD frontWe’re really excited about this album and can’t wait for you to hear it.  The official release (i.e. in the shops, and online stores) will be in January 2012, but we don’t want our (admirably patient) fans to have to wait until then, so we’re giving you the chance to buy it direct from us in December.

We will be launching the album at a special gig at the New Beehive Inn in Bradford on Saturday 3rd December.  As well as performing the album in full, we will also be supported by the marvellous Neil McSweeney and The Stalks.  As we’ve covered Neil’s ‘London Road’ for the album, it is fitting that he will be playing at the launch.

Now, obviously it would be a bit esoteric if we only made Molehills Out Of Mountains available at the launch gig, and then boxed it up again until the new year.  So we will also be selling it via our website from Monday 5th December.  The website itself will be relaunched before then too, with a brand new look, but the URL will still remain

We’ll bring you more news about the album over the next few weeks, but for now we just wanted to let you know it’s nearly here..! Continue reading

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Happy 40th anniversary Jumbo Records

This Saturday Jumbo Records in Leeds will be celebrating their 40th anniversary.  We’re big fans of Jumbo and what they do to support independent music, both local and global.  It was no surprise that they recently won the ‘best music’ category of the Leeds Retail awards.

Here’s our anniversary greeting for Jumbo Records:


Here’s to another 40 years! 🙂

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Waterloo Road yet again

Well now, we have yet more exciting news relating to our songs being used in Waterloo Road on BBC1.  After ‘DIY’ was used in episode 2 of series 7, and both ‘Cry For The City’ and ‘Constitution Failed’ featured in episode 12 of the same series,  we now have ‘Blue Poetry’ included as the final song in episode 13, tonight!

You can watch Waterloo Road on BBC1 at 7:30pm today, or if you miss it, it will be available for 2 months on the BBC iPlayer.

Wilful Missing

original 'Wilful Missing' CD artwork

‘Blue Poetry’ was originally released on our self-titled 8-track CD, released in 2007.  All the songs from Wilful Missing have since been re-worked, but we are still proud of this now scarce set of recordings.  ‘DIY’ was re-recorded for our Vast Atlantic EP, four of the others were remixed for the Loose Ends EP, while the remainder have been more recently re-recorded ahead of the release of our ‘Molehills out of Mountains’ album, due for release in December 2011.

So, the new recording of ‘Blue Poetry’ will soon be available.  However, in the meantime, if you would like to have the 2007 version, you can download it from for free.

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